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About the Game

Cryptic Studio's latest MMO brain child is Star Trek Online. Fully customize your race.  Select your ship. Pick your crew and captain a starship to explore strange new worlds.  Engage in fully 3D space combat.  Beam down to the planet with your away team and make sure to bring some red shirts with you.

Check out the STO online manual for specifics.


Infected Available Now 

Finally commander of a heavy cruiser.  Heavy towards engineering with a ground crew of 4 engineering bridge officers [BOs].  All the BOs have a laser and mortar turret plus mines.  Fights are short.

STO is live!  Time to boldly go where no Treky has gone before.

Equip a Tribble to each of your Bridge Officers.  You'll thank me .

Krunzy himself expounds on the soon to be release Star Trek Online is his blog - "Star Trek Online - Best SciFi MMO Ever"

Klingons in STO?  You bet!  They will be primarily PvP based. The STO folks have a write up here.

Open beta begins January 12, 2010 and runs through January 26, 2010. Head start will begin on January 29, 2010, and runs through launch. 

Yippee!  Can't tell you why, sorry.  

STO has the retail page up with all the pre-order goodies including open beta.  Here is our copy of the pre-order list for posterity.

Closed beta is starting by the end of the year with release early 2010. Join closed beta which also gives access to the STO forums.


STO Official Site
STO Wiki
Memory Alpha

Reviews and Q&A:
Alltern8 [Oct 21, 2009 Pre-Beta]
Ten ton Hammer Q&A [Oct 5, 2009 Pre-Beta]


Everything we know about STO


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