Swap (XWP) Mining Pools

Swap pool is born!  Swap uses a Cuckaroo29s PoW. We are excited to announce our second globalized mining pool this time for the Swap project.  Formerly known as the Free Haven Protocol, Swap seeks to bring a fair, efficient and stable  blockchain to the crypto ecosystem.  See Swap’s announcement for more details.

We have learned much from our first foray into the blockchain and mining pools.  Mostly, the crypto community is a passionate community.  As passion goes Swap is about an 11 out of 10.  We wanted to make sure we had solid well tested pools running the latest code.  We are there.

At the very least, increasing interest in blockchain technologies is what is at the heart of Krunzy.com.  As such, we pick new pools not necessarily by profit alone but what could increase interest in blockchain.  As such, active development and emerging technologies with passionate discourse is imperative.  Swap has all three.

Pools are but one part of blockchain yet very important.  Mining pools should embody decentralization.  As such, we believe pools should provide multiple geographic locations.  Not just for low ping but to truly be decentralized.  Each pool server runs as its own node.  As such, we strive to launch to three pools each with their own node.  Mining on the globalized node also ensures a smooth fail over if one of the pool nodes is lost.

Mining Pools – web front end for mining info and stats
Global – swap.pool.krunzy.com
North America – us.swap.pool.krunzy.com
Europe – eu.swap.pool.krunzy.com
Asia/ Pacific – ap.swap.pool.krunzy.com

Mining Nodes – mining endpoints to point your miner – low ping and stable
Global – swap.mine.krunzy.com
North America – Central US – us.swap.mine.krunzy.com
Europe – Germany – eu.swap.mine.krunzy.com (available upon request)
Asia/ Pacific – Singapore – ap.swap.mine.krunzy.com (available upon request)

NOTE: other mining stratum servers can be created upon request

Starting Variable and Static Difficulty Ports in Graphs/s
2222 – 1 VariDiff
3333 – 8 VariDiff
4444 – 16 VariDiff
5555 – 32 VariDiff

´╗┐Live global statistics

More information on port setup, static difficulty, payment ids, etc. can be found on the pools.

If you require different difficulties or a mining pool closer to your location please contact us so we can discuss.

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